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Non-Surgical Anti-Aging

I opted to have Ultherapy in hopes of lifting and tightening rather than a dramatic change. I am very pleased with my procedure done at Dr. Majmundar’s office by Cynthia Evans. I was totally comfortable and pain free during the procedure. Cynthia was professional and caring and informed me what she was doing as she did the procedure. It’s a process to build collagen in the deep tissue and will take time. Dr. Majmundar did fillers to lift the cheeks and smooth the brow area. I can tell a difference myself now and who’s the most critical—me! Thanks to Dr. Majmundar and Cynthia and the entire staff.

Ultherapy is Worth It!

I first had Kybella, which worked very well. Then I went back and Cynthia did Ultherapy on my face, neck, and brow. I continue to be very pleased with the results! My neck looks smooth and younger than my 64 years! My cheek bones are more defined, and my brow is also smoother. I would definitely recommend Ultherapy if you are looking to turn back the calendar and are not ready for a full facelift! And Cynthia is a sweetheart!!

JayBow 1991, from

Immediate Results

After my thorough consultation with Dr Mike…I had my Ultherapy procedure done by Cynthia. Cynthia was super kind and knew what she was doing. I know they said results may take 3 months, but I saw results immediately. My brows are even and looks great!

jackielew007, from

Fantastic Ultherapy Experience

Dr. Majmundar is amazing. I feel I receive excellent care from him. The office is upscale and very pleasant. And his staff is top drawer. If I have other procedures in the future, I’m going to him.

Great Experience with Ultherapy

I discussed skin tightening treatments with Dr. Majmundar and the consultation was educational and a great experience. I opted to get UL Therapy and Cynthia guided me through a comfortable UL Therapy treatment. She was caring, thoughtful, thorough and nice which made the experience A+. I can’t wait to watch the results continue to unfold.

lcblankenship, from

Northside Plastic Surgery

Ultherapy Atlanta

Is Ultherapy Right for You?

We’re so sure you’ll love your Ultherapy treatment at Northside Plastic Surgery that if you’re unhappy with your Ultherapy result for any reason, we will apply 30% of your Ultherapy cost to the corresponding surgery to improve the treated area! For example, if you are unhappy with your jowl tightening with Ultherapy, then we will apply 30% of your Ultherapy cost toward a facelift or mini-facelift to treat the jowls. (This offer cannot be combined with any other discount or special; must be used toward surgery for area corresponding to Ultherapy treatment; Surgery must be performed within 12 months of Ultherapy treatment.)

Ultherapy is the most consistently reliable skin tightening and skin lifting device currently available on the market. Ultherapy is nonsurgical skin tightening and skin lifting using ultrasound energy. This tightens the deeper layers of the skin (the same layer tightened during a facelift) and the results then last 2-5 years. Because there is no downtime, no incisions, no recovery, no redness, and because it can tighten your skin up to 40-50%, Ultherapy has become the most popular skin tightening or lifting procedure in Atlanta.

What Can Ultherapy Do For Me?

Ultherapy uses ultrasound energy to heat the deeper layers of the skin (the same layer tightened in a facelift) which stimulates your body to produce collagen in response. It takes your body 3-4 months to make the collagen, but once created, it creates a tightening and lifting effect that can last 2-5 years. Ultherapy uses the body’s own regenerative response to gradually lift the eyebrow, tighten under the chin, on the neck, and smooth lines and wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, and decolletage.
Individuals between the ages of 25 – 65 with mild to moderate laxity are good candidates. Any person, regardless of skin thickness, age, volume, or ethnicity, is a candidate for Ultherapy. However, individuals with more elasticity do better than those who have very thin, loose skin. Ultherapy can lift and tighten skin but it doesn’t replace a well performed facelift if that’s what is needed. Since we perform both in our office, a consultation can determine which option would be best for you.
Only one treatment is needed to see a result with the jowls or neck. We recommend 1-3 treatments for areas around the eyes and the mouth since there is considerable movement around these areas to achieve the optimal result.
The treatment takes 20-90 minutes depending on how many areas are treated. The brow or around the mouth may take 20-30 minutes each whereas the lower face or neck area may take 60 minutes.

There is no downtime. Sensitive skin types may have some redness for a couple of hours but otherwise, you can resume your normal exercise regimen and activities after your treatment.

Yes, you can be exposed to the sun immediately after your Ultherapy treatment without restriction. Unlike lasers, peels or IPL treatments, Ultherapy treatments continue to be popular during the summer. Of course, we always prefer that you practice good sun hygiene and use a recommended medical sunblock for your face but this treatment doesn’t keep you from enjoying your summer.
Ultherapy is perfect for individuals looking for a lifting or a tightening alternative to a facelift without the incisions, recovery, pain, downtime, redness, or bruising. Though it provides tightening and lifting improvement, it doesn’t replace the results of a facelift. If done properly by trained staff in a clinical setting, such as a plastic surgery office, Ultherapy can provide results that reach 30-50% of a surgical facelift result.
The cost of Ultherapy in Atlanta depends on the areas treated and amount of time it takes to treat these areas. Individuals with moderate or severe laxity will take longer to perform and will need more energy for optimal results. Call us at 770-475-3146 to schedule a complimentary consultation to see if Ultherapy is right for you.